Predatory Advertising in Tech

It doesn’t have to be difficult

Complete AI behavioural tree (BT)

A very emotional ethics discussion in Germany

German Parliament, Chancellor Merkel speaking (Tobias Koch — CC BY-SA 3.0)

Make a modern gaming-UI as a complete design noob

LibreCAD is intuitive, easy to use and Open-source

How to make websites work offline

Offline websites with service workers


Nobody can force you to use your brain, but some will at least make you feel bad, if you don’t.

photo by freestocks, licensed CC0

1. Peter “potholer54" Hadfield

Flask location block


Actual service


ExecStop=pkill roflcopter


Systemd socket proxy

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

Migrating “__init__” code

app = Flask("LOL")

if __init__ == "__name__":
# arparse stuff…

Setup on your server

Set up a deploy script

Yannik Schmidt

Python programmer at heart, web developer on my bad days.

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