• Tom Smykowski

    Tom Smykowski

    Follow me, if you want to become 10x Developer. I am sharing tips based on 20 years of coding, that gave me a satisfactory career and balanced life.

  • Kathi


  • Luigi Altieri

    Luigi Altieri

    ICT Solution Architect | Digital Experience Management Professional | Providing solutions for enhanced customer experience, content production and brand control

  • Dibya Ranjan Mallick

    Dibya Ranjan Mallick

  • Heather Rugile

    Heather Rugile

    Writer, music teacher, vegan food blogger, and mom. Follow me @ www.foodgalleygab.com. Contact me @ foodgalleygab@gmail.com.

  • anıl kaynar

    anıl kaynar

    Computer Engineer,Sociologist, CSE Master Student

  • Julien Roche

    Julien Roche

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